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Mars Rover Challenge Showcased At University Grad Show 2013

20 Jun

Mars Rover Challenge Showcased At University Grad Show 2013 – University Of South Wales – Newport June 2013 – Game By Nasir Shiraz – – The Game has 3 modes, A Arcade mode Where you have the option of 4 various rovers to choose to race on 12 challenging tracks competing in 4 cups on various locations on Mars. A 2 player split screen mode where you race with the custom controller against a steering wheel or keyboard and finally a multiplayer mode where you search and destroy opposing players. this mode can be played over a local network or over the internet. Game Created solely by Nasir Shiraz ( )


Mission To Mars Game Development Journal

8 Jan



Mission To Mars Development_Journal Click To Read Journal

Mission To Mars Game Update

9 Dec

VIdeo update of work in progress of Mission To Mars Game, I am using the prototype 1 controller in this video, the controller is fully functional now.

Mars Game Controller Update

9 Dec

Video of a controller i have made for Mission To Mars Game, i have used 3 potentiometers to communicate with Unity, which control the Curiosity rover in the game.

First Mission To Mars Presentation

19 Nov

Mission To Mars Presentation – 1 Informal Uni

We had to show the rest of our group our work in progress, i showed the above presentation and the current build of my game. it was received well and some good suggestion for future developments were made.

I liked the idea of adding a slider to the controller and thrust lever for speed control.

Also making the start of the game where you have to connect some wires to get the controller working.


Primabot War Scene video I made for a uni project

9 Apr

Primabot War Scene video I made for a uni project.

We were asked to make an animation for a start a game.