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Mars Rover Challenge Showcased At University Grad Show 2013

20 Jun

Mars Rover Challenge Showcased At University Grad Show 2013 – University Of South Wales – Newport June 2013 – Game By Nasir Shiraz – – The Game has 3 modes, A Arcade mode Where you have the option of 4 various rovers to choose to race on 12 challenging tracks competing in 4 cups on various locations on Mars. A 2 player split screen mode where you race with the custom controller against a steering wheel or keyboard and finally a multiplayer mode where you search and destroy opposing players. this mode can be played over a local network or over the internet. Game Created solely by Nasir Shiraz ( )


Mars Rover Challenge Promotional Artwork

13 May




Scary Soccer My First Android Game Developed

9 Jul

Zombies Scary Soccer Football

You Can download from the play Market