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Mission To Mars Design Portfolio

29 Dec

introscreenMission To Mars Design Portfolio – Click To Read

Exploration Driving Simulation

All work Copyright ©2012 by n4z Games Design

Written by Nasir Shiraz

Version 1.00



Experimenting with Crytek Crysis Engine 3

11 Dec

I started using Crysis Engine 3 today, i was advised by Adam, (Uni Lecturer) to try it.

I seen some videos on Youtube and it looked impressive, so i thought give a go.

I have been using Unity 3D for the past 2 years and i understand how Unity works so trying the crysis engine was a new challenge and i like new challenges.

It took me about a hour to set up Maya with the engine, totally different to Unity, but i liked the exporting feature which is added to Maya, once setup you just click on a button setup couple of features and the model is available in the Crysis Engine.

Texturing took me an hour or so to learn, but when i got it , i was very impressed with the shadows and rendering in game, looked amazing, much better than Unity.

When i have time in the next week or so i will experiment with LUA the scripting language, im looking forward to getting my teeth into this new language for me, it looks similar to Javascript, but i havent had a proper play with it yet.

Overall very impressed so far.

Mission To Mars Game Update

9 Dec

VIdeo update of work in progress of Mission To Mars Game, I am using the prototype 1 controller in this video, the controller is fully functional now.

Mars Game Controller Update

9 Dec

Video of a controller i have made for Mission To Mars Game, i have used 3 potentiometers to communicate with Unity, which control the Curiosity rover in the game.

Passed My Web Communication using Adobe® Dreamweaver® Exam

7 Dec

Passed My Web Communication using Adobe® Dreamweaver® Exam , now im a qualified Adobe Certified Associate!

Authenticated Digital Transcript of Certifications
December 09, 2012 Nasir Shiraz

This real-time Certiport Digital Transcript is derived from a global database which tracks and authenticates certification exams administered by over 12,000 testing centers worldwide.

Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4 Granted
Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Administered by: University of Wales
Language: English
Passed 12/7/2012